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At Smith & Tapper Criminal Lawyers we are committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcome for the situation you are facing.

We guarantee direct access to a senior lawyer from start to finish, who will be available to personally answer any questions you may have as your matter progresses. Many criminal law firms say this but can’t deliver because their lawyers are overworked or inexperienced.


No matter what your case involves, you will be represented by a senior legal practitioner who has extensive experience in criminal and quasi-criminal law matters.

We will guide you through the process every step of the way and go the extra mile to ensure that you achieve the very best result.


Smith & Tapper Criminal Lawyers is a boutique criminal law firm in Melbourne. As a small team, we are structured to ensure that our clients have access to a team of experts at an realistic price.

We utilise technology and innovation to ensure our fees are as low as possible. Before you commit to another law firm, contact us to discuss a quote. We won’t charge you for things you don’t need and will never charge you extra for simply doing our job, which means we are usually a little more cost-effective than other top criminal law firms in Melbourne.

Fixed-sum and flexible payment options are available. If you need a criminal lawyer but are worried about the cost, get in touch today.


Our criminal lawyers represent clients in criminal law, traffic law, and intervention order matters throughout Victoria.

Book an initial consultation to find out how we can assist you by:

  • Giving advice about how to conduct yourself during a police interview
  • Guiding you through the court process
  • Formulating a strategy for how best to argue your case
  • Negotiating with police prosecutors and the Office of Public Prosecutions
  • Preparing submissions for court
  • Issuing subpoenas for the production of documents or attendance of witnesses
  • Appearing in court to advocate on your behalf
  • Referring you to therapeutic services for assessment and reports if we consider this will benefit your case