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Facing criminal charges can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. The best way to move forward is to work with an experienced criminal lawyer who is dedicated to helping you achieve the best outcome possible.

Smith & Tapper Criminal Lawyers is a specialist criminal law firm that provides personal attention, no matter what situation you find yourself dealing with.

Our lawyers are focused and determined. You can rely on our expert advice and our commitment to resolving your matter in your favour.

We are different from other firms because:

  • We assign a team of lawyers to your case
  • You will work directly with senior lawyers
  • Our fees are fixed and fair so you won’t be hit with unexpected bills or unrealistic lump sum payment requests.

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Why Choose Smith & Tapper Criminal Lawyers?

Work with a specialist Melbourne criminal law firm for personalised and expert representation.

Our lawyers are working for you.

You will have a team of experts working on your matter and have direct access to senior lawyers.

We Get Results

Most of our clients come to us via referral because we know the law and know how to defend your rights.

Trusted & Experienced

Our lawyers are highly regarded within the profession and amongst our clients.

Fair Pricing

Our fees are fixed and transparent. You will know exactly what to expect and won’t be charged for things you don’t need.

We Make Time for You

Our lawyers are flexible and generous with their time. Your case will receive the attention it needs from someone who cares about the result as much as you.

Practical Advice

We provide realistic and practical advice while going the extra mile to defend your rights.


Smith & Tapper Criminal Lawyers are accredited Criminal Law Specialists by The Law Institute of Victoria.

The LIV is generally acknowledged by business, government and the general public as the leader of the legal profession in Victoria. With more than 14,500 members, the organisation represents a potent force of opinion and expertise.


We welcome your questions about our Melbourne criminal law services.

It’s best that you call us as soon as possible so that we can advise them of their rights and how to handle a record of interview before they’re questioned.

Our Melbourne criminal lawyers are available to provide pre-interview advice. Call us on 1300 616 183 now.

If you are participating in a record of interview with the police, you may make a ‘comment’ or ‘no comment’ interview. The choice you make can have significant consequences for your defence.

It is important to remember that whatever you say during a recorded interview may be used by the police to prove their case against you in court. For this reason, we usually advise clients to make a no comment interview. However, whether you should make a comment or no comment interview will depend on a number of factors specific to your case.

Discussing your options with an experienced criminal lawyer will ensure you make the right decision for you.

Speaking to a lawyer is your right and cannot be held against you.

Our Melbourne criminal defence lawyers are available to advise you of your options. Book a call here or leave your details with reception to request an urgent call back by calling 1300 616 183.

Absolutely! It is often possible to avoid having a conviction recorded against your name.

  • Diversion

If this is your first offence and it is relatively minor, you may be eligible for placement on a Diversion Plan.

A Diversion Plan provides eligible offenders with an opportunity to avoid a criminal record. Diversion is increasingly hard to obtain and requires approval by the police, the Diversion Coordinator, and a Magistrate. Having a lawyer advocate on your behalf increases your chance of overcoming the many hurdles to diversion.

Diversion pathways are available for both adults and children.

To discuss your eligibility for diversion, call our office on 1300 616 183 or click here to speak with one of our criminal lawyers.

If you are not eligible for diversion, you may still be able to avoid a conviction being recorded against you. Your prospects will depend on the nature of the police case and your specific circumstances. To speak to a Melbourne Criminal Defence Lawyer about your options, call our office on 1300 616 183 or for free consultation click here to book an appointment.

The law in relation to driving offences is complex and the courts have a very wide discretion to suspend your licence or disqualify you from obtaining a licence for a period of time.

If you are worried about losing your licence, call our office on 1300 616 183. We can advise as to the likelihood that you will lose your licence, additional penalties that may apply, and what you should do now to achieve a positive outcome.

If you have been found guilty of an offence or you pleaded guilty but feel the sentence received was excessive, you may appeal the decision to a higher court. You may also appeal if it appears that a technical error has occurred.

If your matter was heard in the Magistrates’ Court, your appeal will be heard in the County Court. You do not need the Court’s permission to lodge an appeal as long as you file the necessary paperwork within 28 days of the decision.

If your matter was heard in the County or Supreme Court, you must apply to the Court of Appeal for leave (permission) to appeal the decision. This application must be made within 28 days of the decision. If leave is granted your appeal will then be heard in the Court of Appeal.

Although exceptions are made, the time limits for appealing a decision are strict. It is essential that you contact us to discuss your options as soon as possible.

Victoria Legal Aid has a list of eligibility requirements for funding in criminal law matters. To be eligible for Legal Aid funding you will usually need to satisfy an income/assets test and be facing a likely term of imprisonment if you’re found guilty of the offence charged.

Driving offences are not usually funded by Legal Aid.

However, eligibility for Legal Aid funding is ultimately assessed on a case by case basis. If you would like to discuss your eligibility for Legal Aid funding, call our office on 1300 616 183 or book a call here.

If you are not eligible for Legal Aid funding, our team will work with you to ensure that you do not have to go to court unrepresented.